Popular Concrete Pool Designs

Swimming pools are great because they are not only great for enjoyment, relaxation, and social get-togethers, but they also play a great role in increasing the property value. Custom concrete pools are quickly becoming one of the the best choice for your property because they are low cost, sturdy, and easy to maintain. So, if you have a huge property, you can surely consider setting up a concrete pool to improve the look of the landscape of your home.

Why a concrete pool?

Concrete is nothing but man-made rock, and its strength is its main utility. Concrete was once the only choice of material for making swimming pools and even now it is one of the best materials available. So when you think of getting yourself a pool, look up the various options that you have when the material used is the concern. Most often, you will find that concrete is the most appropriate option to settle for.

It can be used to create a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pools with no restriction of geometric shape and size. But designing of custom concrete pools are possible with the use of concrete as your base material. You can get a fruit shaped or a guitar shaped pool with concrete at your disposal.

Another factor that works for the custom concrete pools is the fact that they are a permanent value addition to your property. It will never be required to be replaced. The only maintenance that custom concrete pools need after efflux of a reasonable amount of time is acid washing and re-plastering may be.

Different types of concrete pool designs

There are many types of concrete pool designs but firstly it is important to know about the different material variations available under the name of custom concrete pools.

Cast-in-place concrete pools are the type where a form is built out of wood and then concrete is used to plaster it off.

It is used in most cases while building the swimming pool floor to give a uniform walking platform. The gunite and shotcrete pools are again preferred while making a custom concrete pool for their water retentive capacity. They are strong and sturdy. The number of pool joints is also a basic minimum in these types of pools. The pool designs are varied with different sizes and shapes. It is easier for an architect to build a custom concrete pool for you because the material is immensely versatile.

There are some pros and cons for all types of concrete pool designs and while you plan for a custom concrete pool you will have to keep important factors like the location, size, style of your home, your budget and off course your personal preferences in mind. Taking expert opinion and discussing with your family members might also give you some

brilliant ideas for your brand new custom concrete pool.

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