Hardwood Floor Cleaning And Refinishing

Hiring professionals to refinish hardwood flooring is the best option. While processes like waxing and buffing can make your hardwood floor look great, if you like to obtain the originality and elegance of the hardwood floor refinishing is the only option.

Many home owners that have bought old houses would like to renovate their new homes before occupying their property. In order to renovate old houses without the help of professionals it requires a variety of skills. One of the important aspects in renovation old homes is hardwood floor refinishing. However, many do not know how to refinish wood floors on their own.

First the extent of work required for hardwood floor refinishing is assessed if your floor intact and has a few shallow scratches or dull surface just a top coat finish can restore its beauty. However, depending on the damage at times whole boards may need replacement.

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Before starting the process of refinishing your Austin hardwood floors, it is important to remove unnecessary nails and carpet staples that could harm the machinery. Filling gaps and cracks in wood floor is one of the important steps in hardwood floor refinishing. Using high quality putty to fill up the gaps will result in long lasting great looks when you finish the job. It is important to fill the gaps before sanding.

Once the filling is done, the process of sanding is done using a drum sander with course of grade ranging from twenty to thirty-six. This process provides the smooth finish to wood floors. It is also a tough job that produces a lot of dust and noises this is why protective masks and goggles are necessary for this process.

It is also important to do the sanding with the grain of the wood to get good finish at the end. Edges and corners where drum sanders are unable to reach should be done with the help of edge sander.

Finishing The Job

Once you get the required level of finish, using medium and fine abrasive will enhance the surface of the floor. Once sanding and buffing is done, the entire area should be thoroughly cleaned using vacuum cleaners.

The final stage of Austin hardwood refinishing is the application of polyurethane to the floor. When it comes to applying polyurethane, care should be taken to do it in a perfect manner since this is the final stage that will provide your floor the looks of your desire. Our Steam Team professionals can perform the task on your hardwood flooring with utmost dexterity to your satisfaction.