Kerrville Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

When it comes to cleaning your Kerrville carpets, there are many companies willing to take your business. But Kerrville residents know that The Steam Team is the company to go to when you want the job done right. We’ve been serving Austin for more than three decades with unbeatable service and deals on steam cleaning. And Kerville homeowners have come to trust us for their other household needs as well, such vent duct cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and 24-hour emergency water removal.

When it comes to getting their carpets clean, many  people think that regular vacuuming will do the job. That’s far from the truth, however. Vacuum cleaners only get rid of a tiny fraction of the dust, dirt and pet dander in your carpet. And that’s not to mention dust mites. These microscopic creatures can reside in the billions in your carpets. It all adds up to carpets that just aren’t clean and can even become a health hazard. Professional steam cleaning of your carpets is the only way to handle these inherent problems in your Kerrville carpets.