Drapery Cleaning

The Steam Team is known throughout central Texas as the Austin carpet cleaning company of choice. And we are equally expert in all areas of Austin home restoration, including vent duct cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. The Steam Team offers a unique approach to drapery cleaning, with a system that allows us to clean your drapes where the hang. No more bare windows while you are waiting for them to be cleaned, and no more bad smelling solvents.

Here's how it works:

  1. Thorough Inspection
  2. First, step in our Austin drapery cleaning process -- we'll identify any areas that may present a special challenge and provide an evaluation so there are no surprises.

  3. Pre-Vacuum
  4. Cleaning up dry soil is the most important step in treating any textile. We thoroughly vacuum your drapes remove these dry soils.

  5. Sponge Cleaning
  6. The Steam Team uses special sponges to remove soil from your Austin draperies. They are treated with dry cleaning solvents and are great for removing oil-based soils that are inevitable with cooking and oils from skin contact.

  7. Post Spot
  8. Removal of any spots not removed during the chem sponge process will be treated with the appropriate professional cleaning agent.

    Our technician will go over the cleaning results with you when finished.