RV, Boat And Car Cleaning

Some of the problems people run into with car, boat, and RV cleaning is the fact that the interiors all vary. Here is a summary of the typical types of Austin RV, boat and car interiors:

  • Cars: The interior of a car consists of carpeting and upholstery as well as hard surfaces made from varying materials. Seats can be leather or cloth so great care must be taken in cleaning them.
  • Boats: Many boats have an interior cabin featuring some type of carpeting. This can be regular carpet or an indoor/outdoor carpet. In addition, there may be upholstery to clean.
  • RVs: Because an RV is simply a house on wheels, there is almost always carpeting inside. There is typically a lot of upholstery and multiple hard surfaces to tend to as well.

When Car, Boat, and RV Cleaning Needs to be Done

When it comes to cleaning, many folks wait until their car, boat, or RV is in urgent need of cleaning before they take action. Coffee spills, dirt, pet hair, stains, and other grime can all necessitate a good cleaning. You don’t have to put off cleaning the interior because it’s such a big job. You can have your car, boat, or RV’s interior cleaned whenever you like and the more often you get it done the better it will look overall.

Cleaning For Your Austin, Boat, RV or Car

No matter what type of car, boat, or RV cleaning you are looking to get done, the experts at The Steam Team can help you. Using our state of the art equipment and our extensive knowledge of interior cleaning, we will bring your car, boat, or RV’s interior back to like-new status no matter how bad it may be when you bring it.

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