Austin Catastrophe Job Flow    

The Steam Team is the recognized leader in Central Texas restoration for any type of catastrophe and especially when it comes to fire or water damage. We have the team, the experience and expertise to handle just about any type of job. Process flow is important in any type of technically oriented business. The Steam Team lends expert knowledge in catastrophe job flow issues. Here are some of the ways we expedite the catastrophe process.


  • Mobilize Desiccant Dehumidification Technical Consultant
  • Mobilize Desiccant Dehumidification Project Manager
  • Mobilize Equipment and Crew
  • Transport Equipment and Crew
Inspection, Assessment, and Testing
  • Inspect and Assess Water Damage to Structure
  • Test Moisture Content of Structural Materials
  • Establish Baseline Moisture Content of Structural Materials
  • Determine Ambient Specific Humidity
  • Establish Baseline Ambient Specific Humidity
Project Requirements
  • Size Dehumidification and Evaporation Equipment
  • Assess Safety and Security Issues
  • Assess Electrical Requirements
  • Determine Access For Return and Supply Ducting
  • Submit Scope of Work and Project Cost
  • Install Dehumidifiers and Airmovers
  • Carpentry as Required
  • Electrical as Required
  • Engineer Temporary Ducting
  • Install Temporary Ducting
  • Power-up Dehumidifiers
  • Unload Airmovers
  • Install Airmovers
  • Power-up Airmovers
  • Remove cove base and trim where necessary
  • Perforate walls and flooring where necessary
Monitoring and Testing
  • Test and Record Moisture Content of Structural Materials
  • Test and Record Ambient Specific Humidity
  • Project Maintenance
  • Re-Engineer Temporary Ducting as Require
Project Completion and Demobilization
  • Final Inspection and Walk Through
  • Remove Temporary Carpentry
  • Remove Temporary Electrical
  • Remove Soft Ducting
  • Remove Airmovers
  • Load Airmovers
  • Transportation of Equipment and Crews Back To Operations Base