Disaster Restoration Supplies

The Steam Team is a well-known leader in Austin disaster recovery and remediation. We provide full turn-key service for any type of disaster, including fire and water emergencies. For Austin recovery customers who have the skills to perform the job on their own,  we also offer rental service with a full line of the most advanced recovery equipment.

Our products include:

Dehumidifiers – Dessicant & Low Grain Refrigerant 

HEPA Vacuum 

Portable Air Scrubber 

Portable Shop Vacuum 


Air movers & ducting 


Moisture meters 

Infrared Camera 

Traditional tools – hammers, screw drivers, nails, saws, etc. 


Portable work lights 

Crates (for storage of contents) 

Cleaning supplies 

Personal Protection Equipment – goggles, Tyvek suits, coveralls, respirators (N-95/N-100, 

etc.), dust masks, hard hats, reflective vests, ear plugs, gloves (work, rubber, Nitrile) 



Antimicrobial coatings (& material safety data sheets) 

Containment supplies – PVC pipe, zip-wall plastic, zippers, etc. 

Safety supplies – barricade tape, orange cones, skidders for moving furniture 

Duct tape 


Trash bags 

Extension cords 


Broom & dustpan 

First aid kit 

Communication radios