As experts in deodorization, The Steam Team is trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors. These odors can come from a number of sources both inside and outside a structure.

Deodorization – The Steam Team provide specialized services that rid your home or place of

business of offensive odors left by fire or smoke damage. We don't cover 

up lingering odors with a fragrance, we seek out the  sources of the odor and remove them. 

Ask The Steam Team representative to explain the various deodorization 

methods available and which will work best for you.

  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Foggers will atomize 

liquid deodorizing agents, producing a fine mist that 

easily penetrates sites where odor-causing residues 

accumulate. The device can also be used to apply 

fungicides and disinfectants.

  • Thermal Foggers dispense solvent-based products in

large volume, dense fogs suitable for confined areas. 

The fog consists of tiny particles of deodorant solution 

that pair with and neutralize odor-causing particles.