6 Ways To Help Your House Become More Spacious

The need for space is a driving force for many homeowners, and it can lead to pricey renovations and even the ultimate sale of a house. However, for homeowners who wish to do neither, there are cheap yet highly effective ways of maximizing the space of even the smallest home or apartment.

1. Take Advantage of Self-Storage

Nothing clogs the space of home more than clutter. Unused collections, pictures, and furniture can be put in storage until they are needed. There are plenty of available climate controlled Self Storage Santa Rosa, and they are ideal for controlling clutter.

2. Keep Your Home Clean

Space is as much about the feel of a home as it is about square footage. The simple fact is a home with dirty floors, cabinets, and walls will feel closed in and is simply not inviting to guests. Additionally, poorly organized shelves and tables will disrupt the flow of space. If you have movies, magazines, or other clutter strewn about the house, they need to be organized.

To avoid clutter, invest in stackable decorative storage bins for use in closets, laundry rooms, the garage, and under the bed. These decorative boxes are fabulous for hiding excess odd and ends. Also, the use of space bags can be a big help to controlling clutter and keeping your home organized. These bags are an excellent way to store heavy clothing, pillows, blankets, and all sorts of stuff.

3. Choose furniture that fits the room

Large overstuffed couches and armchairs might be comfortable, but they tend to clutter a room. Instead, look for furniture that is comfortable and a good fit for the space. Modular furniture is very popular for small spaces because it is comfortable, well sized and the pieces are interchangeable.

4. Color

Dark colors tend to absorb light and make the room feel smaller than it actually is. While, this might be okay in bedrooms, typically outer rooms and the bathroom should be painted in bright airy colors that reflect light. Colors like white, soft blues or pastels, and lavender are wonderful colors that can make your space feel larger while also being warm and inviting.

5. Have plenty of lighting

Light is essential for making a room feel bigger. While, having a room with lots of natural light is ideal, it isn’t always the reality. The use of indirect lighting can be a big help in keeping your home bright and open. Many people use stick-on lights around bookshelves, inside the compartments of entertainment centers, and even underneath above counter cabinets to keep shadows at bay.

6. Pay attention to smell

As odd as it may seem, your sense of smell plays a role in how spacious a room feels. If your living room smells like feet, guests will perceive it to be smaller will not want to stay around. A few discrete but well placed candles or plug-in scented diffusers can remedy this. Stick with warm inviting smells like vanilla for your living room and clean or lightly fruity smells for bathrooms.